Ybarl is the love interest in my sci-fi story “Meeting the Galactic Congregation”. He is one of the interns on the spaceship Rosin, and he hopes to be a Congregation Member when he graduates. He can come across as quite stand-offish and humourless, and isn’t well liked by most of the other interns. He is curious and interested to learn more about the humans they discover. His face is long and thin with horns that come out of his forehead and curve backwards over his ears to point down at his shoulder blades. His nose is squished flatter to his face, without an indentation between his eyes, which are purple.

Yudi is the love interest in my dystopian story “The Veiled City”. He is the son of the governors and comes from a very privileged background. As this story is still being plotted I can’t really say much more about him with certainty, but I am looking forward to diving into this world later in the year.

And now I realise that both male main characters in my novels have names beginning with Y. I hope that’s not too confusing, for me or everyone who reads them!

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