Statius is one of the Roman soldiers in “Awakening Iorwen”.

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Sally is Jack’s mother in “What Jack found”. She has always believed in fairies and sees the magic everywhere. She cares deeply for her son and will do anything to protect him, but she doesn’t want to save him at the expense of the fairy prince they’ve just found. Is there a way she can save both?

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The Shadeling is the monster in “The weaver’s daughter”. He is large with horns and covered in green fur. He has been stealing livestock and children from the village, and has defeated every force sent against him. Who will stand up to him and find another way for them all to live together?

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Stacey is the main character in “Meeting the Galactic Congregation”. She is fifteen and almost at the end of school, but she has to go with her father on his mission aboard Beagle 3 to map part of the heliosphere. And that’s when her adventures begin!

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