Kyra is the titular character in my story “The weaver’s daughter”. She is twelve and most of the time has a long plait down her back. She is kind and resourceful, even when faced with the monster everyone in the village has warned her against.

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Keith is the main character’s father in my story “Meeting the Galactic Congregation”. He is gruff and hard-working. His wife left him when their daughter was small, so he’s brought her up alone. He has worked his way up through the Earth Space Agency from the bottom, and wants better for his daughter. He can be very protective of her, and he also has high expectations. He is the First Officer on the Beagle 3, and is proud to be able to show his daughter the wonders of space, as she has to accompany him on this trip. He is well-built and muscular with black dreadlocks that stick out in every direction from his head.

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