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One thing I’ve found recently is that there are alot of tools and services that are being targeted at me as an author. With the rise of self-publishing there is also the rise of people selling things to those who want to self-publish. And while some of those are dubious, lots are really useful. Alot of people who have successfully self-published are providing help and information to those who also want to do the same.

There are just so many of them! And then they all advertise each other! And then they’re advertised with a countdown for the price to go up, or with only limited availability. Which means you feel like you have to get it now or miss out.

It would be very easy to end up spending lots of money and time on things that aren’t always tied in to what I want to do right now, or how I want to do it. So many of them look good, and informative, and helpful. But not necessarily right now. I am making sure I think hard before any purchase about what added value something gives me, how it overlaps (or preferably doesn’t) with what I already have, and whether it’s worth my time to read/study right now. And often I feel I would be better off writing rather than taking advantage of them.

I am having to be strict with myself about where I am in the process and not worry too much about things like how Amazon and Facebook ads work, because that’s not where I’m at right now. But I’m keeping note for the future when those will be more relevant.

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