My next short story is live now on Amazon and free through Kindle Unlimited.

What Jack found compressed

What Jack found

Five year old Jack finds a fairy in his garden, and so he and his mother find themselves entangled in a conflict between rival fairy clans. Surrounded by fairies wielding short thorn spears Sally must decide how to best protect her son and what to do with the Prince they have captured. She needs to decide whether to release him to his enemies or risk becoming casualties themselves if they don’t.


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Both of these short stories are available in Kindle Unlimited, as well as to purchase individually. So if you live in the US or the UK you can pay a monthly subscription and then access all the books available in that program. They have over a million books, thousands of audiobooks and a changing selection of magazines available as part of Kindle Unlimited.

NB By enrolling my books in that program I am not able to make them available anywhere else. Let me know if you’d like to read them through a different ebook provider and I will work to make that possible in the future.

These short stories have been alot of fun to write, and by publishing them I have found my way through the system so that I know (a bit) what I’m doing. This is really the foundation of my writing career. These are the start that I plan to build on over the next few years. On their own I doubt they are going to make a huge hit, but they are a start. Each one gives me a target to improve on for the next.

And they also give me a better idea how long it takes to publish a book, and what steps are involved in that. So I can better plan for next year. And I have so many exciting things I want to do next year!

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