Most people describe their dreams as vivid pictures they see in their mind’s eye. But I don’t think I’ve ever experienced that. While I very rarely remember my dreams, but when I do I’m sure that they are narrated. It’s like the voice in your head when you read to yourself, describing things in words that I can hear.

When I do meditation sessions, or similar, and am told to close my eyes and picture myself on a tropical beach, I struggle with that too. I can remember the feel of the sand and the sounds of the waves on the beach, but I struggle to picture it in my mind. I also find it difficult to describe people who I’m not with at that moment, even people I know very well. I can recognise people when I see them again, but it would be an effort to depict them to someone else without having them in front of me. I would be the worst witness to a crime!

I also find it difficult to follow directions in a new place, or to be able to picture a floorplan of a house from a written description. Maybe that’s why I am always so keen to get a map when I go anywhere new: as that helps me to integrate what I’m seeing with where I am.

I’ve never heard of anyone else who dreams in audio, so I would love to hear if there is anyone else who does too!

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