The Dutch love gourmetten, or a raclette grill. At this time of year all the supermarkets are full of tiny hamburgers and bits of meat and fish to go on your gourmetten. Previous years we’ve shied away from trying it, as we were worried about having a hot grill in the middle of the table with the children. This year we decided to try it, and it’s been a success. So we will definitely be doing them again.

You have a hot plate in the centre of the table and everyone has a little pan which you can place underneath. So you can melt cheese in your pan and cook the small pieces of meat (or other things) on the top. It is very convivial and makes the meal much more of an occasion. With a stick of french bread and sauces to go with it, and bits of vegetable to grill too, it is a slower paced meal that allows everyone to choose what they want to eat, and how well cooked they want it.

I will definitely be looking out for different things to cook with it now that we have one.

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