I love Paris, it’s a beautiful city with so many things to do and see. We went there for our honeymoon. During that trip we bought a painting of Paris, which hangs on the wall by our dining table. So everyday the children see the Eiffel Tower. 

And now we’ve just come back from our first trip to Paris with the children. (Eagle-eyed people may have spotted the Eiffel Tower in the background of the photo on my post about wearing glasses.) Visiting with children gives you a different view of the city. There was less sitting in cafes watching the world go by over a patisserie. Instead we found some good parks and play areas for the children to run round in. And we found the lady who painted our picture and talked to her. 

And of course we went up the Eiffel Tower – rocket boy was insistent that we did. Fortunately we were with my sister, as the wheelchair was sent to the front of every queue. We happened to go there on the day that Greenpeace climbed up the tower to hang a banner, so the queues were quite long while they sorted that out before letting everyone up! Being up the tower essentially on our own was a real bonus. 

Thanks to this list of things to do in Paris with children we explored new places too. The science museum was brilliant as it has a whole area for children to play in. I had actually been there years ago on a school trip so was pleased it was as good as I remembered! 

We also met up with some friends who were in Paris to watch the ice hockey World Cup. And it was lovely to catch up with them, though a shame we had so little time with them in the end. 

This was only really our second trip out of the Netherlands since we moved here, taking advantage of our European location. (Trips back to the UK and by plane don’t count!) Which has been a bit remiss of us really. While we have explored some of our local area, we haven’t done many forays further afield. And I have a whole list of places in the Netherlands I want to see, as well as neighbouring countries. So something to plan for the rest of the year now! 

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