We have taken the plunge and got rocket boy a friend’s book. And of course as he had one starry girl needed one too.


These are books that you ask your friends to fill out with information about themselves, along with a photo or drawing. So you end up with a book about all your friends. Over the last few months we’ve increasingly been given them by other children in rocket boy’s class for him to fill out. The questions are generally straightforward and ask things like name, address, birthday, what you want to be when you grow up, hobbies, what you do (& don’t) like to eat, favourite animals etc. I find it quite interesting sitting with rocket boy and filling them in with him, as I find out the answers to all of these things. It will be a shame in a way when he will be able to do it all by himself.

You can get these books themed on just about anything, though I did struggle to find a train one as that was what rocket boy suggested first. Maybe I was just looking in the wrong places! We did get one from someone else to fill in that was about a Dutch band. It asked for your favourite song by them, which band member you liked best and which was your favourite outfit of theirs. We struggled answering those!

These are not something I remember having when I was at school, but maybe they’re available in the UK now too. I just don’t remember seeing them anywhere! Whereas here they are quite common; though when I first saw them in shops I was a bit confused about what they were and how they worked. Now we have bitten the bullet and have our own. At the moment they are both very excited about them, and who they are going to give them to next. We shall see how long that lasts…

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