It’s weird wearing glasses for the first time. I was actually first given glasses some years ago, but I never really wore them much. Only really for driving (I need them for distance) and, as we don’t have a car, that’s not very frequent. Recently I realized that I spend most of my time squinting slightly. Which gives me a tension headache between my eyebrows (& must be contributing to my wrinkles!). So I am trying to wear them more. 

First, I have to remember to put them on in the morning. As they are really quite weak it doesn’t make that much of a difference to my vision, so I can get by without them. Just things more than a few metres away are a bit blurry. 

Then, I should take them off to read. Otherwise my eyes are having to work twice as hard to see things close by. 

And just having them on my head is odd. I’m constantly fiddling with them. Moving them up my nose, or lifting the bits over my ears. I’ve been back into the shop three times to have them re-fitted as I wasn’t happy with how they sat round my ears. I’ve also done some adjustments myself using a hairdryer. Now I’m just not sure if it’s having glasses there at all that I’m finding uncomfortable, or if I could make it better. Maybe I’ll never get used to having them round my ears. 

One unanticipated thing about wearing glasses is that it effects how I wear my hair. I can’t have my hair tied up in a way that interferes with how the glasses sit. Otherwise I get dual headaches – from my hair and my glasses! So I am experimenting with different hairstyles to see what works best. 

I’ve also found that wearing glasses means that you need to move your head to look round, rather than just your eyes. Then you stay looking through the middle part of the lens. And how do you keep them clean? They’re forever covered in smudges, probably because I’m always moving them! 

I do like my glasses though, I feel like this is a new chapter of my life. New and improved – now with glasses! Though it has been a bit disappointing how few people have noticed them. My Mum and my daughter’s preschool teacher are the only ones who’ve said anything. 

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