My Dad was complaining the other day that he’s now got to take eye drops every day. And it made him feel old. I must admit that I wasn’t very sympathetic about it, as at the moment I’ve got three different medications to take every day. I’ve also started wearing my glasses most of the time. I’ve had them for some years, but only really used them for driving, which I don’t do that often as we don’t have a car. Then recently I’ve realized that I spend a lot of time squinting to see further. And that leaves me with tension between my eyebrows (& wrinkles!). So I’m learning how to wear glasses. And it does help my head, though after too long they’re no longer so comfortable.

So I’m starting to feel that I’m no longer young. Though the biggest change is that I’ve been tucking my tops into my trousers to keep me warm. At school we were meant to have our shirts tucked in, but we all tried to have them untucked as much as possible without getting caught. And since then I’ve never bothered to, until this last winter…

Well, at least spring is here now and I can wear my shirts untucked again. Even if the medicine and glasses look like they’re here to stay!

Happy Easter!

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