I love Lego, it’s brilliant. I loved it as a child and I’m so excited that my children are starting to enjoy it too. I love watching the two of them play with it together. Taking bits apart and putting them back slightly differently. And my parents have given us what we had as kids as well so our Lego collection is pretty decent. Though with an exorbitant number of helicopters and fire engines/boats/motorbikes, with of course a fire helicopter!

Though it has made me realize the difference between the two of them. I tried to keep starry boy away from Lego when he was younger, as it wasn’t sensible to have with a baby around. He got given some for his fourth birthday, but that got hidden away and not encouraged. Now she’s three and we have Lego everywhere. So she’s getting exposed to it at a much younger age that he did. He’s blazing a new trail, being the first to do everything, while she’s running along behind trying to catch up. 

In a similar way there’s a difference between their time with me during the day. Rocket boy was mostly alone with me, from birth until starry girl was born when he was two and a bit. Then he had nearly two years when he was hardly ever alone with me, as we had his sister tagging along. And now he goes to school. Whereas for her, she had to share me with him for her first two years. And now is mostly with just me, and will be until she turns four and will start school too. So my relationship with both of them has developed differently because of whether the other was there or not. Though obviously this is complicated a bit by the fact that I went back to work three days a week after rocket boy was one, and I didn’t with starry girl.

When rocket boy was little I asked for Duplo for my birthday, and everyone laughed at me. I was quite disappointed that I didn’t get any. This year he’s got me some Lego, and he’s so pleased with himself about it. I even got to build it myself!  And of course, it’s another helicopter! 

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