So it’s that time of the year again – here is our list of activities through Sinterklaas and advent. My aim (as in previous years) was to do a mix of craft and cooking activities, some seasonal things and some for other people spreading the festive cheer! It is too easy for this time of the year to be all about getting so I think it’s important for us as a family to give to others too. 

So here is what we did: 

  • Sunday Nov 13th – Buurman and Buurman film, go and see Sinterklaas arrive in Bussum, then put shoes out tonight
  • Mon Nov 14th – make drawings for granny
  • Tues 15th – smile at everyone today
  • Wed 16th – put your shoes out tonight
  • Thurs 17th – make Piet hats
  • Fri 18th – enjoy a friend’s birthday party
  • Sat 19th – put your shoes out tonight
  • Sun 20th – do Sinterklaas pictures for competition and Lidl 
  • Mon 21st– think of things you’re thankful for
  • Tues 22nd – Starry girl going to Sinterklaas’ slaapkamer
  • Wed 23rd – put your shoes out tonight
  • Thurs 24th – make biscuits for our neighbours
  • Fri 25th – make a package for Granny
  • Sat 26th – put out your shoes out tonight
  • Sun 27th – make a picture and photo for our Christmas cards 
  • Mon 28th – Grandpa’s coming today!
  • Tues 29th – treasure hunt
  • Wed 30th – put out your shoes out tonight
  • Thurs Dec 1st– choose some toys to donate 
  • Fri 2nd – preschool Sinterklaasfeest 
  • Sat 3rd – put your shoes out tonight
  • Sun 4th – buy a Christmas tree 
  • Mon 5th – school Sinterklaas party & pakjesavond
  • Tues 6th – put up Christmas decorations 
  • Wed 7th – Sing carols
  • Thurs 8th – Make tin foil Christmas tree decorations – some for our tree and some to send to Granny
  • Fri 9th – read the Christmas story and act it out
  • Sat 10th – shop for food bank 
  • Sun 11th – go to Christmas market
  • Mon 12th – Big Felt Christmas tree on the wall
  • Tues 13th – pick up litter
  • Wed 14th – do Christmas cards for teachers 
  • Thurs 15th – make paper chains 
  • Fri 16th – make appel beignets
  • Sat 17th – make a gingerbread house
  • Sun 18th – Mummy playing in orchestra concert
  • Mon 19th – tell silly jokes to make everyone laugh 
  • Tues 20th – make mince pies 
  • Wed 21st– kerst craft afternoon at preschool & Christmas dinners at school and preschool 
  • Thurs 22nd – Make cards to go in library books for the next reader
  • Fri 23rd – hot chocolate, poffertjes & Christmas film
  • Sat 24th – first day of school holidays! 

This year I struggled with suitable things that we could do that were achievable between our normal weekly activities. School, preschool, swimming, dance, judo and playing with friends makes for a busy week already, without adding in more things to do! I was keen that we did them all together the three of us as much as possible – I think making mince pies was the only one that we did while rocket boy was at school. 

What this has shown me is that there is some time to do things and going into 2017 I want to be more proactive about having things planned (& prepared!) to do together. And to try and keep doing things for others. 

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