It’s a funny old life really. There’s so many moments in it. Today starry girl is the same age as rocket boy was when we moved here to the Netherlands. And I can’t decide if that’s a big deal or not! And then there’s the usual upcoming round of birthdays and events to mark the closing of the year. 

My husband is approaching his 40th, which doesn’t seem to be bothering him but I’m finding tricky. You see my Dad had a big party for his 40th. In fact it was AN EVENT as it went on all night and I can remember it (as I’m sure can many others). So I feel as if my childhood and my adult life are colliding in a strange way. My parents still live in the same house they lived in then, but I doubt that we will have our grandchildren visit us in the house we have now. We might not be in this country then! Though who knows if we’ll have any anyway…

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