Wow, I don’t think anyone actually thought the leave campaign would win. But the referendum result was a narrow margin of victory for them and the only person who seems to be celebrating this is Nigel Farage. It is sad that the whole campaign on both sides was conducted on such a negative note: with scaremongering, exaggeration and promises that were never going to be kept. I’m still in shock at the decision and find it quite depressing. 

Looking at the impact on Europe many of the Dutch feel betrayed, as in the EU they often allied themselves with the U.K., rather than France or Germany. And of course there are calls from other countries to also hold referendums on leaving the EU. It could be the beginning of the end, though I doubt it. The leaving conditions on the UK will inevitably have to be severe enough to put other countries off from wanting to do the same. 

I can’t help but feel that this is a tipping point and that there will be unforeseen consequences. I don’t think this will be the start of World War Three, but I keep thinking of the assassination of Arch-Duke Ferdinand. I certainly don’t think politics in the UK will ever be the same again, as there will be huge ramifications for both the Tory and Labour parties. The only parties where the politicians and their general supporters are in agreement on the way forward with Europe are UKIP, the SNP and the Lib Dems. How Labour and the Conservatives deal with this is going to be key to how they survive this debacle!

The EU is not perfect, but we have all been complacent and taken it for granted. Now we wait to see what happens…

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