I’ve recently got my second bike, as starry girl was getting too tall for the front seat on my other bike. I was having difficulties lifting her in and she was impeding my vision. After looking at all the options for bike seats for the two of them we’ve got a second bike so that I could have a small saddle at the front for rocket boy combined with a back seat for starry girl. The front saddle wasn’t available for the other bike, as there wasn’t space to fix it under the handlebars. As we don’t have a car I felt I needed to be able to carry both of them as otherwise we would be limited to going places rocket boy was happy to cycle home from. He is very good at cycling, but getting someplace, playing there and then getting himself home again would be a bit much and likely cause struggles for us on the way home. The up side to getting s second bike is that now when we go out as s family my husband and I can split the load as we have two bikes with child seats on!


Tips for bikes with children:

  • A double pronged stand is essential I think for loading more than one child on
  • Choose a bike size where you can comfortably hold the bike upright while standing, as you won’t be able to lean it over to one side without it toppling – it’s very top heavy with children on too. 
  • Have somewhere to carry stuff – panniers or a transporter box on the front
  • Practice starting & stopping before you go with children on, especially if you haven’t cycled in a while 
  • Set the pedal right before going off – if you have a back pedal brake you can’t just freewheel it round to do this 
  • Invest in a comfy saddle! 





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