So rocket boy has now been at school for more than six months. We’re learning how the school system here works and he seems to be thriving, though having difficulty sitting still for any length of time! Though as a four year old boy that’s not surprising really. 

It took a lot out of him when he first started, but he’s more used to it now we’re a few months in. Some things that I’ve noticed over these six months are:

  • He can recognise most letters, write three of the five letters in his name by himself and the others he can copy;
  • He can also recognise all the numbers;
  • His counting has improved, and is now noticeably better in Dutch than English;
  • He can hold a pencil in a tripod grip and his colouring in is much more accurate; 
  • Poopyface and weeweeland are now in his vocabulary;
  • He thinks that bruises on bananas are sweet – whoever taught him that is a genius! 
  • He calls people names (generally stupid);
  • He’s more aggressive when he doesn’t get his own way;
  • He’s more interested in helping his sister do things. 

His teachers both seem very happy with his progress and he has settled well into the class, playing with all the children. I’m very proud of him, as starting school is such a big change and he is flying. Which is especially impressive given that he’s doing it in a language he’d only been exposed to for just over a year when he started. 

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