I’m not a coffee drinker now living in a country of coffee drinkers. This has caused a few amusing moments!

  1. At our house-warming party last year the coffee I made was described as “coffee-ish”!
  2. We had a small building project done earlier in the year and two sets of workmen doing the job brought their own coffee makers as they couldn’t bear to drink the instant coffee I offered! 
  3. Having learnt from that a subsequent workman was offered coffee using the cafetiere, which he then broke. I guess he’d never used one before as everyone has coffee machines.

Well I shall continue not drinking coffee, as I don’t like it. And having survived two small babies without resorting to coffee I see no reason to change now 🙂

Tea on the other hand is a different story!

Amusingly I was asked a while ago my opinion as an English person on the tea I had just been served. A difficult question to answer as tea here is served as a cup/glass of hot water with your choice of tea bags. Certainly no boiling water here. The picture above is the only time I’ve had leaf tea anywhere. And it came with a sand timer – three in fact, depending on how strong you wanted your tea 🙂

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