It’s funny the little things that make you realise the children are growing up. I’ve just had a clear out of plastic spoons, sippy cups, and poppered vests as we don’t need them any more. So it’s not just rocket boy going to school that’s passing milestones! She’s definitely no longer a baby anymore.

Also, I was clearing out some papers the other day and found the questionnaire we were given by the health visitors when rocket boy turned two. For fun I looked through it for starry girl to see how she’s doing and she’s reached the necessary level in most of the skills it’s assessing except communication, where she is nearly there. Which is amazing really, considering she won’t be two for another few months. I’m sure she’ll get there with her talking too – though I think she is about three months behind where her brother was at this age. But she seems to be just starting a huge language explosion as she has new words every day.

Onwards and upwards…

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