And how could I forget:

  • Chocolate sprinkles on toast is a perfectly accepted breakfast food
  • Children on their birthday give presents to everyone else in their class
  • Vegetables in the supermarket change price markedly depending on the season 
  • The default cooking method seems to be frying 
  • Supermarkets are small, even those that claim to be extra large!
  • Children’s medicine (and some adults) is given by suppository, so no calpol just zetpils 
  • Paracetamol solves all ills 🙂
  • Cafe = pub
  • Coffee shop doesn’t sell coffee 😉
  • Limonade = cordial/squash not fizzy
  • There’s only one type of curry 
  • Standard crisp flavours are bolognese and pepper, rather than cheese and onion or salt and vinegar 
  • Nobody seems to pick up dog poo off the streets
  • There seems to be two different postal systems 

I started writing this almost immediately after I published the previous post, but somehow it’s taken me over two months to finish it. Things have been getting on top of me a bit and so I entrenched and only did the necessary. Now I seem to have found a little space to think again; beyond the daily routine and planning activities for two children. 

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