So we’ve been in the Netherlands for six months. That feels both like a really long time and no time at all! Looking back we seem to have achieved quite a bit, including:

Preschool – my son seems to have settled in well, and my daughter is registered for when she turns two.

School – they’re both registered for Nov 2015 & Jan 2018 respectively

Health system – we have registered/seen a doctor, dentist, dietician and health visitor equivalents, as well as successfully claiming on our health insurance

House – we own it and have got most things sorted. Still one or two boxes hiding and a list of things to do, but much less than has already been done

Bikes – we all have one!
(Photo doesn’t include mine!)

Now most of the initial setting up is done it’s time to start thinking a bit longer term about what we need/want to do. First step, planning holidays 🙂

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