When we first moved we found the closest supermarket (or three!) to our house so we could buy food. And we learnt where things were in it and the Dutch for the foods we eat often. Then as other things run out I’ve had the challenge of finding them (eg soy sauce is ketjap in Dutch – obviously!) or requesting them from our next visitors from the UK if I can’t (eg peppermint essence, cream of tartar). We’ve also been investigating the various Dutch foods – I was tempted to take speculoos with us when we went back to the UK at the end of last year so I wouldn’t have to go without!

Similarly we’ve been finding our way round the town centre. Some shops are obvious what they sell – shoes, clothes, toiletries, tea, toys, books, sports things, hardware, etc. But others are not so easy. One of the benefits of getting all the adverts through the door is to be able to flick through and work out what Wibra/Zeeman/Etos/Blokker sells without spending ages wandering round the different shops. It can still be a bit tricky when there’s a specific thing you want to buy working out where to go for it. I spent a fortune on a new pair of shoes for my son as I hadn’t worked out the cheaper place to go. And it took me about half an hour walking round a shop I had been advised (thank you Facebook!) stocked long sleeved bibs/coveralls before I found them.

It’s funny but I didn’t think the practicalities of shopping would be so different 🙂

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