It’s amazing to watch my son learning Dutch, as he’s just integrating it into his speech. Every so often he asks what the Dutch is for something we’re talking about, which can be quite tricky as I don’t always know! But he’s also using Dutch words normally in conversation. If we ask him how many of something there are, then he’s more likely to answer in Dutch than English. At least at the moment! “Just één” seems to be a favourite phrase 🙂

And today he asked me “Where are konijntje’s hands?” when we had some Miffy biscuits for snack. Konijntje = small rabbit, and Miffy is called Nijntje in Dutch as an abbreviation of konijntje.

He continues to amaze me with his language ability, especially given the hard work we are having to put in to learn. We’ll need it to keep up with him! Though I was pleased to be able to translate panniers for him last week, as his pre-school teachers didn’t know what he meant when he was trying to tell them he had a picture of Kikker (frog – another TV/story character) on his panniers. They’re called fietstassen, or bike bags.

My husband is currently in the middle of an intensive Dutch course, which is taking a lot of effort. I’m pleased he’s doing it, but slightly miffed that he should be better than me by the end of it. I’m having lessons too, but an hour a week (with a small girl with me) is little in comparison to four weeks of nothing else. I really must try to do more in between classes…

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