One thing that I made a few years ago was these small advent stockings, and building on ideas that I’d spotted last year (mainly the kindness elves at imagination tree) I set up a series of activities to do every day leading up to Christmas. I also made a few new tiny stockings so we could use them during Sinterklaas too. (Really as a fairly easy way to tell the children when to put their shoes out for Sint and Piet to visit.) I tried to include a range of different activities: some cooking, some craft, some giving; and to make them fit into what we’re doing so they were all achievable and not too overwhelming!

Here’s the list of our activities:

Nov 16th – go and see Sinterklaas arrive
17th – smile, as you’re having photos taken today
18th – pack up a box for Aunty Sarah
19th – put your shoes out tonight
20th – treasure hunt
21st – make Sint & Piet hats
22nd – put your shoes out tonight
23rd – make a picture for our Christmas cards
24th – think of things you’re thankful for
25th – visit Sinterklaas
26th – put your shoes out tonight
27th – make biscuits for our neighbour
28th – make a wreath for the door
29th – go away for the weekend
30th – visit the railway museum
Dec 1st – put out your shoes out tonight
2nd – pick up the shoe we left at Lidl
3rd – make snowmen from loo rolls
4th – nursery party
5th – pakjesavond
6th – buy Christmas tree
7th – put up decorations
8th – help decorate nursery
9th – make lemon & vanilla creams
10th – make paper chains
11th – donate some old clothes and toys
12th – make mince pies
13th – do drawings for teachers
14th – go to Christmas market
15th – read the Christmas story and act it out
16th – making crafts at nursery
17th – Christmas dinner at nursery
18th – make star decorations
19th – grandma & grandpa arrive
20th – day out on the train
21st – make salt dough decorations
22nd – decorate a gingerbread house
23rd – make paper snowflakes
24th – go see the lights in Amsterdam

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