Home is an elusive concept; what makes a place your home isn’t something I could easily explain.
We’ve been living here for nearly three months now, but last week we all went to the notary and bought our house. A big step, but as we’re already living in it and have very nearly unpacked all the boxes a little anticlimactic as well! We did get given the last key, so there was a handover 🙂

My parents’ house is still home in some ways, and every so often I catch myself thinking that “we used to have so and so at home” referring to our old house in the UK. But here is becoming home too. We’ve put up some pictures and only have a couple of boxes left to sort out.

My husband says his home is where the rug is (made by his dad) and we’ve got that, but I’m not sure what I need for the place I live to be my home. Other than my family around me. Whatever it is is developing here though!


Then at the weekend we had a house-warming party and invited all the neighbours, my husband’s work colleagues and my Dutch teacher. An interesting mix of people and an amazing array of gifts. The scones I’d spent the morning baking (with my little helper!) were appreciated and much tea & coffee were drunk. An all round success 🙂

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