So, it’s three weeks since we arrived and we’re starting to fell like we’re getting sorted and finding our way about. Here’s a brief summary of what we’ve been doing:
– nearly all the boxes are unpacked
– bedrooms and bathrooms are pretty much sorted, and we have a new bed
– the middle floor (kitchen, dining & sitting areas) has most things in about the right places
– basement (playroom) is slightly chaotic, but getting there!
– books are all on shelves, but in the order they came out of the boxes so they need some organisation (& more shelves!)
– toy storage is improving, but needs more thought & boxes
– have a shiny new washing machine & tumble dryer
– taught my husband how to use a dishwasher
– put up coat hooks and some shelves
– been thoroughly confused by how the lights work & which switch does what
– finding our way round the town, including to the tip to get rid of cardboard boxes & our closest IKEA
– got new phones & tried to set up utilities (still waiting to hear back from them)
– bought some clothes from C&A like we used to as kids, when it still existed in the UK
– can say “do you speak English?” in Dutch so that people reply to me in Dutch – no really, I don’t speak Dutch!
– becoming regulars at a couple of cafes with free WiFi 😉
– registered at the town hall
– got a bank account
– created a new game of automated phone menu lucky dip, as our Dutch can’t really cope with that!
– started getting to know the neighbours, and they’re being very helpful
– found some groups and activities to do with the children during the week
– working out which are the best play areas near the house
– finding our way round the local supermarket – we’ve had sausages out of a jar, but drew the line at herring!
– have developed a liking for speculoos (thanks Sarah!!)
– bought bikes, which is terrifying cycling with two bike seats with children in…
– had two days out, away from sorting, to the zoo and the railway museum
– had our first visitors; actually two lots, at the same time! Joy that we have the space to mean that was possible 😀

Things still to do:
– once we’ve been connected to glass fibre we will get our internet access at home set up
– also need to buy a TV before that
– fridge freezer is due to be delivered soon, which will mean we can do a big shop and stock up on food
– the handyman organised by the landlord should come this week to sort out the few bits and bobs that need attention
– put up pictures and other decoration bits
– need to get shoe racks & a filling cabinet, as well as more bookcases
– find a nursery/start thinking about schools (eek!)
– learn Dutch!!!

So all in all it’s starting to feel like home and I think I’m about ready for my first week with the children on my own, so here goes…

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