One of the big challenges when moving is to find somewhere to live at the other end. Even more so when you’re moving abroad, so have to figure out a completely different system.

However, we seem to have managed it remarkably easily. We had planned while we were over there to decide on an area and view a few houses to get a feel for things. And then look online for properties to rent initially with the idea of buying somewhere within 12 months. What we didn’t plan on was signing a contract for the first house we looked at; to rent for three months and then buy (you need to have a Dutch payslip going into a Dutch bank account in order to get a mortgage). And it’s everything that we didn’t want when we were looking for a new house last year! Town house, 2 bedrooms, smaller garden, no study. Funny how things work out isn’t it!

Now that we know where we’re going it’s a huge relief, and means we can now start organising the logistics of the move. The slightly scary thing is that we’re now signed and committed to it, while we have still to exchange on the sale of our house that we agreed in February. Should be soon though…

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