Having children really helps you get to know yourself, especially toddlers when they start to develop their own ideas and want independence. Recently I’m realising quite how impatient I can be. Walking home from nursery is a real battle with myself at the moment. We have the whole afternoon ahead of us, the baby is generally asleep, we normally have nothing specific to do until it’s time to cook dinner and yet I’m still rushing him to keep moving. There’s no reason to rush, we can enjoy whatever it is that he’s found to look at, but I have to struggle to enjoy the moment and not keep forcing the pace. In fact it’s probably easier to be entertained on the way than making a mess at home! But I really have to bite my tongue and remind myself to be interested in whatever he’s found. It’s a 15 minute walk, but it took an hour and a half last week. I wonder how long it will take us tomorrow??!?


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