Second time round

Well, the first baby was such a shock to the system – it was difficult to do anything else other than look after him. But with the second one you realise how easy it is to look after a newborn as they don’t really do anything: it’s the toddler that’s hard work!
After a while though the relentlessness becomes very wearing. Any time you’ve got both of them you’re constantly balancing and working out which of them needs your attention most. And the times when they’re both unhappy are draining.
I’m sure last time it seemed like he was a baby for so long before he started moving himself and eating solids. Yet it seems like only a few weeks ago that we become a family of four, and she’s already trying to roll and wanting to crawl (although she can’t actually do either!). I’m not really looking forward to her moving though as it will make things more difficult…

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