As well as a new baby we are also planning to move to Amsterdam in the summer as my husband has got a job there. He was offered the job on my last day at work before Christmas, and he told them he’d take it on the morning I went into hospital to be induced. Talk about everything happening at once! It’s a brilliant opportunity for him and it will be great for the children to become bilingual. It’s very exciting and I’m really looking forward to it too, but there’s a lot of things to sort out between now and then!

We’d already that I wouldn’t be returning to work immediately after my second maternity leave, which made one aspect of the decision to move easier. Once we’ve moved and are settled in the Netherlands then I’ll be able to have a serious think about what I want to do over the longer term. I have a number of ideas, but will see how they develop (and are influenced by the change in location).

Holland is a country I really don’t know so we’re looking forward to being able to explore it and the neighbouring countries. I’ve been to Europe numerous times – growing up in Kent it was so easy – but generally gone right on the other side of the Channel!

In a way it’s good that we didn’t manage to sell our house last year, so it does seem all that frustration was really someone looking out for us with bigger plans for the future 🙂

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