I am an author!

I am an author!.png

I published a book. A short story on Amazon. And people are buying and reading it.

And I can’t make up my mind whether I am excited that people are actually reading it, or disappointed that more people aren’t! Every time I think about it my attitude is different and flips between each state seemingly on a whim.

I had no idea what the response would be to my story, and it is amazing to think that it’s out there in the world being read. I am so grateful to those of you who have purchased it (& even more so to those of you who have left a review – hint hint!). Now I have a basis on which to build.

I now know how to create a file in the right format, and what I put before and after the story itself. I know how to upload it and I’m learning about keywords and categories. I have created a workflow that works for me. The first story took about a week to get it formatted correctly so I was happy with it. Now I can do subsequent files much quicker.

Talking of subsequent files, my next short story is available for pre-order and will be published on Thursday (6th December).  You can go onto Amazon now and order it, and when it’s published it will be automatically sent to your Kindle reading device.

What Jack found

What Jack found compressedFive year old Jack finds a fairy in his garden, and so he and his mother find themselves entangled in a conflict between rival fairy clans. Surrounded by fairies wielding short thorn spears Sally must decide how to best protect her son and what to do with the Prince they have captured. She needs to decide whether to release him to his enemies or risk becoming casualties themselves if they don’t.

Available to preorder (some of these are affiliate links):

Now I’d better get back to work on the next stories and learning more about promotions and marketing. I’d love to hear what you think about my stories, so do get in touch!

This page contains affiliate links – using them won’t cost you anything but I will get a small bonus for referring you.

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