every end is a new beginning

So, today is my last day at MPOW as I’m off again on maternity leave. I started here 8.5 years ago so it will be bittersweet to go – I have enjoyed that time and got alot out of it (including meeting my husband!) but it is time for challenges new.


Somehow the pregnancy has flown by this time, but the last year has been a year of planning without most of the things actually happening!  I wrote a placeholder post a few months ago expecting that most of the things that were up in the air would have been clarified way before now, but they aren’t. Me finishing work is one of the few that has. We wanted to move house, by October at the latest, but that all fell through, twice, and we’re back to square one almost and looking for something to buy again. So we seem to have spent the second half of the year waiting until we knew when we were moving house to organise things, which hasn’t happened and so it feels like it’s been a very frustrating year. So we’re now trying to work out how to fit a new baby into our current house, when we had too much stuff before the last one was born and it’s amazing how much stuff such a small person ends up with. It’s one thing I’m dreading about Christmas, as although I’m incredibly grateful for the generosity of family and friends I’m also wary about where we’re going to fit new stuff in! 

Although I will miss everyone at work, I am looking forward to the time off. Especially being able to spend more time with my boy as he’s becoming so much fun now, and interested in everything. I’m not quite sure how it will go with two, but I’m sure we will manage – 2014 will be the year of two children! Blogging will (continue) to take a back-burner but I hope to add something every now and again. It does mean that the content of this blog will become much more family orientated, rather than work. I do have a few ideas of things to post, but I’m not making any promises about frequency given how sporadic I have been over the last few years!


  1. Congratulations Clari, hope all goes well with baby no. 2. Keeping my fingers crossed that the house situation improves too – maybe as you’re nesting you’ll be ruthless in clearing out and make more space for the new arrival and associated stuff?!

    Hope you and family have a lovely Christmas and New Year 🙂

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