ili2013 & feeling humble

Last week I was one of the presenters at Internet Librarian International doing a short introduction to bibliometrics as a career option for librarians. The session my talk was in was a bit short of time so we all finished our presentations and then the moderator said there was one minute for questions before we broke for lunch – needless to say there weren’t many questions asked! Which made it quite difficult to judge how I had come across. I was very pleased to see that there were numerous tweets from people during my talk, and a number of people came up to me during the rest of the conference to ask questions and follow up on some of the things I’d said. Needless to say my favourite tweet was the following (although given the other presentations I saw I am truly humbled that they thought this!):

I really enjoyed the conference and it was refreshing for it to be cross-sectoral. I think this is the first event I’ve been to in my professional career that explicitly encompasses the different types of librarian – generally I’ve been to either academic librarian events or ones aimed at researchers. I think the conference organisers could do more to encourage discussion between the different groups, but I really appreciated the diversity of experiences.

I also managed to time my trip to London to coincide with my little boy being ill so I was well out of the way while he was throwing up over his Daddy 🙂 all feeling better now though and fingers crossed neither of us get it!

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