Flickr revamp means I’m using it again

Garden I have had a flickr account for years, but had pretty much stopped using it a couple of years ago (in fact there used to be a widget on the side of the blog that I’ve removed). But now they’ve revamped it, extended storage and removed the limit on the number of sets you can have as a free member I’m playing around with it again. For sharing photos with people it is very easy, and with the controls on who can see them does allow you to limit who can see the pictures. It can also be used to share photos with people who aren’t using the site (which is more tricky to do with Facebook). And I do like the new look photo display, although I know many people have said how difficult it is on mobiles.

I probably am far too conscious of what’s available online with my little boy – I’m trying to give him the control of his digital identity, or at least the ability to control it when he’s bigger. And so I’m trying not to have too much stuff out there about him, especially photos, that he won’t have control over. Cautiousness with the internet is probably a good thing, as once it’s online it’s there forever! Although I am aware there is a tension between that and letting family and friends see how he’s getting on when they can’t see him all the time.

Anyway, we shall see how long I keep using Flickr for this time 😉 at least it’s spreading out what I do online between different companies and not concentrating all my data with one!

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