joining in and dressing up

So my little boy is settled in at nursery and we’re settled in to the routine of getting him there in the mornings and picking him up after work. One of the differences between nursery and being at home is that they organise events, events that require costumes. So far this year we’ve had:

  • World Book Day – dress as a character from your favourite book (we did the baby from Peepo)
  • Comic Relief – wear something red

And coming up next week is an Easter bonnet parade, so we will be making something this weekend for him to wear to that. I really enjoy dressing up and organising costumes, as long as I have enough notice to plan something. But I can see how some others don’t and find this sort of activity too forced. It is one way of celebrating different things and marking the changes in the season/calendar, but all too often they are a very Western European Christian calendar and other festivals or dates aren’t noticed. I guess there has to be a balance, otherwise you’ll be doing something special all the time and that stops being so special (and parents get increasingly fed up at having to find different costumes so frequently), but some inclusion of non-standard events would be something I’d welcome.

Anyway, I’m planning what I can make for him as an Easter bonnet that’s a) suitable for a boy and b) he will keep on for longer than the 2 secs he generally keeps a hat on for!

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