Bibliometricians’ Meeting review

Last week I hosted a meeting of people interested in bibliometrics, primarily from UK University Libraries, although a few people came from further afield. There were 47 attendees, and we had a waiting list as the event was full within a week of asking people to register. Overall the feedback was very positive and a second event is in the planning, but things that I learnt/would do differently:

  • Eduroam is great for UK attendees, but doesn’t work for international visitors so you need to do something to allow them access to wifi
  • A number of people were interested to have a delegate list, which we hadn’t thought of doing
  • Make sure there’s a separate room to eat lunch in
  • Chairing the meeting and running round sorting out things is quite tiring!

Hopefully this is just the start and we can keep the momentum going and make this a regular thing and build a network of people doing similar things to help us support the research that’s being done in our institutions. This whole area is one where I sense there’s a growing interest across the sector and will become more important in the future.

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