points of view

So back to work-related blogging 🙂 I’m going to try to get back to a weekly blog post, although some may not be work related (not that my baby is now the centre of my world or anything :D)

Mostly so far I have been playing around with InCites, which is a tool for analysing research output. They have created a base set of data based on publications where the author’s affiliation is MPOW so we can look at trends etc for all/groups of researchers. One thing this means is that this is research published by people during their time employed at MPOW, so it excludes work done by current members of staff when they worked at different institutions and includes work done by people who have now left. At the same time we are working to provide them with a list of people so that they can create a second dataset which will include all work produced by current members of staff.

Although (hopefully) the majority of content will be the same,  conceptually these two are quite different and we need to think carefully for each instance which dataset is most appropriate. When looking at things for the REF then the author search dataset is obviously the one we want, but when providing metrics to measure the institutional output as a whole it is more tricky to decide which would be best. We will need to be very clear when discussing these numbers with other members of the University exactly what is included and what isn’t!

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