It’s life Jim, but not as we knew it

So, my maternity leave is over, a year’s worth of annual leave used up and I’m back at work. Which means that my little boy has started nursery. This is a big shock to both of us and a real change to our weekly routine. Now I’ve only gone back three days a week and to a new role, so I have a bit of space to get back into the swing of things work-wise which is really nice and makes it much less stressful than it might have been. But that’s still three days a week not spent with my baby, where we all have to be out of the house earlier in the morning so we can get him to nursery and be at work on time.

Fortunately we don’t live far from work and it’s nice to all walk in as a family, but he is not happy being left yet. I know that there will come a time when he will run away from us when we get there without a backward glance, but we’re nowhere near  that yet. Every day so far I have left him screaming – I know that it’s only for a few minutes (quite often I can hear he’s stopped before I’ve left the building), but still the last view I have of him all day is him heart-broken that I have to leave him. It’s the hardest thing every day to walk away and trust him to the nursery staff, who I am sure are great but they’re not me. And then as soon as he sees me in the evening he cries too, as if the world has ended. He’s not sleeping very well there either (although that is improving thank goodness) and combined with teeth coming through and having a cold/virus that keeps making him throw up doesn’t make a very happy baby anyway without throwing in being left at nursery all day.

Fingers crossed for next week he will start to settle a bit more and be less upset at being left and picked up again. Also for him not being ill at the weekend so we don’t have to take an extra day off before he’s allowed into nursery – yes I didn’t go into work on the first day of my new job because he had been sick. Fortunately my boss was understanding 🙂 but doing it three weeks in a row might be pushing it!

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