How a baby changes things

However much people tell you that having a baby changes your life it doesn’t actually prepare you for the reality of it. Here are some things I’ve noticed have changed over the last 15 weeks:

  • You’ll surprise yourself with how little sleep you can have and still function.
  • Every day is full of precious moments: smiles, snuggles, new sounds, toys…
  • You can spend ages just watching them figuring out how to hit something dangling in front of them, or waving their hands about, or watching themselves in the mirror…
  • You won’t get anywhere near as much stuff done while the baby sleeps as you thought and most of it doesn’t matter anyway.
  • You learn where the lifts are in any shops you visit.
  • You start judging coffee shops by the amount of space they have for buggies.
  • If you can breastfeed in front of your dad and your father-in-law you can feed in front of anyone.
  • Getting the baby to sleep, transferring them into the cot and leaving the room without waking them is the biggest achievement ever.
  • Just when you thought you knew what you were doing it all changes and you need to adjust as he develops and does/needs different things.


  1. I remember constantly moving washing (clean and dirty) around the house, and realising how much extra time taking a baby to the shops added – when time is limited by the baby’s needs. But seeing the world afresh through their eyes is one of the most wonderful experiences

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