Car seat use evidence

It is generally known that you shouldn’t leave a baby in their car seat for longer than an hour and a half to two hours. Whether this is to do with spinal development or breathing problems is something I’m not sure about. Now as both sets of grandparents live just under three hours away having to stop on the way makes the journey considerably longer. So I have been trying to find out what age this guidance is for, ie at what age it is ok to have your baby in a car seat for longer than that.
Surprisingly I can’t find any evidence for a time limit on the length of time you should leave a baby in a car seat. There are some articles on the use of car seats for pre-term babies due to breathing difficulties which advise the use of a car bed. In the US they do a test to see if pre-term babies are safe to travel in a car seat before you leave hospital. I’m not sure if this is done in the UK too?
Now not spending too long in a car is common sense advice for everyone and letting a baby sleep for long periods of time in a car seat when not in the car is not going to be good for them, especially if done frequently. But beyond that there doesn’t seem to be any reason or evidence behind the two hour limit.
Now our baby is three months old and can hold his head up I think it should be ok for us to do an occasional journey that’s longer than two hours. And if anyone can find any evidence about the length of time babies should spend in car seats then I’d love to hear about it!


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