baby boy cards
It’s amazing to think that we are starting this year as a family and that 2012 will be so different to any that have gone before it. I am so excited to find out what sort of a person my little boy is and to be able to watch him learn about this crazy world we live in. There are so many things to do together. He’s already starting to explore what’s around him and what things do. He lies on the floor waving his legs and arms around learning how they work – I have to admit to putting a rattle on his arm so he can hear his arm moving too. He was so cute!

The last eight weeks have been a bit of a blur, but hopefully we will be able to start getting more of a routine and settle down into life with a baby. There are still moments when I can’t believe he’s ours and we still have him. He is so beautiful and well behaved I can’t believe it at times. What did we do to deserve such a wonder?

This year is going to be the best ever for us and I hope it will be for you too!

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