to plus or not to plus?

I’ve spent some time looking at Google Plus over the last few weeks and seeing how it works. Overall I like it – it looks nice and is fairly easy to use. The whole circles thing takes some getting used to, but is an interesting alternative to how Facebook & Twitter work. The main problem I have with it is that I just don’t see how it fits into what I do – there aren’t enough people on there who I don’t already follow/am friends with elsewhere for me to get any extra out of looking at it regularly. I use Facebook to mainly communicate with my friends and I use Twitter for more professional/work-related stuff. So where does that leave G+? However much I like the way it looks and works it’s not worth my time using if there I’m not getting anything back from it.

Reminds me a bit of what I felt about FriendFeed and Google Wave! Maybe it’s just me…

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