Given the riots/looting this week I don’t think I can really write about anything else at the moment. The whole situation really depresses me – both the fact that it’s happened and the response of many people to it.Not everyone – the riot wombles who organised clean-ups afterwards and people making tea for police officers on duty are notable exceptions.

We obviously have a problem with a minority of society feeling disenfranchised, but these loud calls to remove their benefits and throw them out of council houses is only going to make that worse. I don’t pretend to have any answers, but surely we need to find a way to include them in society not further marginalise them.

I feel really sorry for all those involved in this situation – those who have been the victim of attacks, those who perpetrated them, those who were trying to maintain order and those who are now being blamed for it. Blaming others for the situation is hopeless as well – we are where we are and now need to come up with a plan for the future. Every side blaming the other makes them less likely to work together and doesn’t make anybody feel better or help make things better!

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