Having a baby is odd, as you know that there’s this big change going to happen and yet quite how it will all work out is not so certain. You get inundated with advice and information and there’s just so much stuff available that claims it will make your life easier. But how much of it do you actually need?

Also, when should you start getting things ready? I’ve spoken to people who’ve assumed I would already have bought everything I needed, but at more than three months before the baby is due that seems a little early to me. For one thing, where would we put it?!? Now I know we will need to reorganise the house and find space for these things once the baby has arrived, but surely not months before that. I think part of the reason for my reticence is that I don’t want to jinx it and then if there are problems with the baby to have to cope with the reminder of all the baby stuff as well as that.

That’s not to say that we’re doing nothing – we have a plan. We’ve decided which room will be turned into the nursery and started clearing it out to make space for all the baby-related paraphernalia we will be getting. We’re also probably one of few people who have painted the living room and kitchen in preparation of the new arrival. So now the whole house has been painted in the last few years and so won’t need doing again for some time. The nursery-to-be is already a nice shade of yellow and so didn’t need to be painted again. Yellow is a good colour as it is quite calming, and gender-neutral! And in a month or so we’ll start thinking about choosing buggies and car seats and all the other things we’ll need.

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