To say I’m struggling to find inspiration for things to write recently is not quite true – just that the great ideas I have whilst I’m away from a computer are either forgotten or don’t seem so great when I do sit down and have time to blog something. I keep meaning to post something, but seem to be lacking energy & ideas at the moment…


  1. You just have to keep in the habit of posting regularly. The longer the break, the harder it is. Or so I find.
    Mind you, ALL the blogs I follow seem to have gone on something of a summerhol. Maybe it’s a seasonal thingy…

  2. Having ideas is the most important thing. If they are bad it doesn’t matter, they might just part of a journey to a good idea. I find having apps like Evernote on my phone is handy, I also have a document in Google Docs with ideas for blog posts in it, many of those ideas don’t see the light of day!

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