soon there will be three

I haven’t written anything on here for a while as I’ve been trying to work out how to write it. So the big news is that I’m having a baby – due in November.

It’s quite strange to be telling people after having spent the early weeks of my pregnancy feeling really quite rough and not being able to tell anyone. I’m not sure quite how it became standard to not tell anyone until after the first scan and you find out that everything is going well, but it does mean that now I am feeling fine again I am often asked if I’m OK by worried colleagues, and yet a month ago no-one asked me even though that was when I was feeling ropey. The most annoying thing was that I just felt hungover all the time (dizzy, slightly nauseous – enough not to want to eat but not really throwing up, difficult to concentrate, tired, can’t stand the smell of food), especially as I haven’t had anything to drink since Feb! How no-one at work guessed what was up when I was barely scraping myself out of bed in time for work and turned up having not brushed my hair and without any make-up on most days. Only one person has admitted to thinking that I looked dreadful and so guessed that there was something up, but I’m glad that someone noticed!

my baby scan photoIt’s funny being pregnant, as it still doesn’t feel real. OK my trousers are tight/don’t do up, but I don’t think you can tell from looking at me. It has made going shopping a whole new experience as I’ve been reading a pregnancy guide that each week compares the size of the embryo to a fruit or vegetable, so we’ve been searching out the relevant item for that week, and comparing their sizes: No, a plum really is not bigger than a lime – does this mean it’s shrinking?!? Random giggling when looking at fruit is generally frowned upon in most supermarkets, but sometimes it can’t be helped.

Going to have the first scan was an amazing experience – to see it in there, moving round and so small was mind-blowing. Even if my darling husband did then amuse the sonographer by trying to persuade us all that it had my nose…and his ears!


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