So having stated at the end of last year what my new year resolutions were I think it’s probably about time I had a look at how I was doing with them so far:

  • blogging more – I have managed to blog at least once every week so far this year, hurray!
  • keeping in touch with friends – better, but could do more.
  • leave work on time – improving, thanks Helen for keeping reminding me that it’s already time to go home 🙂
  • spend more time thinking – again better, but could do more.
  • exercise – I would say I’ve been fairly active, but not doing much that’s really anything like a cardio-vascular workout. One to work on, and now that the weather’s getting better it should be easier.
  • eat more dark chocolate – surprisingly this is the one that I really haven’t done, mainly because we got given so much choc for Christmas that we’ve only just finished it, and so haven’t been buying it for ourselves. (Less than four weeks til Easter!!)

Overall, I think I’m doing OK but with a few things that I want to get to grips with more over the rest of the year. Excercise is definitely something that I’ve struggled with ever since I stopped rowing at University (and we won at the weekend! Not that I was anywhere near this level though), so something for me to work on. Now that the weather’s better and it is lighter longer so we can do more things outside I hope that this will become a bit easier though.