MPOW have given me an iPad for my team to use when talking to academics about what we can do for their students so we can demo things online for them to see while we’re talking. Now aside from the fact that the iPad is designed as a personal device so isn’t really set up for a group of people to use, it is quite interesting to see how it can be used in a work context.

I seem to have been using it most, so have spent some time learning how it works. It took some time to work out how to put documents on there, but I have found out how to do it. The one thing that I can’t do – at least not without paying for an app (which I don’t want to do as it isn’t mine) – is to be able to edit documents on it. I can view Word files on it, and I can make notes in a number of plain text editors, but I can’t edit Word files without paying for the ability to do that. This is a real limitation of the device as for it to be used as a work tool you really need the ability to edit documents (and excel and powerpoint ideally!).

In terms of size it is smaller than the A4 notebook I normally carry round to meetings and so I can’t see that the size would be a problem. I normally use my notebook to take notes of meetings I go to, and also to keep track of my actions. Now I can very easily use the iPad to take notes of meetings, but it is more tricky to keep track of actions in the same way. Whilst there are various to do list apps they would mean that I’d have to re-enter any actions, and without doing that I wouldn’t know which meetings I still had actions to follow up on.

So using the iPad is not an ideal solution, but is more fun than a notebook even if it isn’t more practical!!

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