I keep reading things about how we’re held back by what we believe we can (or can’t do) – women don’t apply for high level promotions because they don’t think they’re the best candidate for it; people don’t start new under-takings because they’re afraid they might fail…the status quo is safe and so many people stay there and only dream of being different. Unfortunately given the rate of change going on nowadays (technological, economical & social amongst others) means that the status quo isn’t so permanent anymore.

How can we help people to aspire more? The world needs visionaries and people prepared to step up and do new things, but how do they start? Where do they get their confidence from to go out and experiment; to learn from what didn’t work? How can we as a University instill that in our students (& staff)? And how do we as individuals help people we know and encourage ourselves to go for it?

If you’re putting yourself down then that’s half the battle lost, as the little voice inside your head is always with you and almost impossible to ignore! Make a conscious decision to be aware of what you tell yourself and think about how that affects how you think about yourself and your capabilities. If you’re unhappy about what you’re saying about yourself then change it to something that’s more empowering or helpful!

The first step on any road is self-awareness. And the only thing that’s certain is that if you don’t think you can do something, and so don’t attempt it, is that you won’t achieve it!

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