Early last year I spent a lot of time writing a book chapter on some work I had done a few years previously integrating information literacy into the Social Work Degree offered by MPOW. I co-wrote this with one of of the people from the Faculty I’d worked on this with and it has now been published. It’s really nice to finally have the book in my hands and see my name in print, although it’s a bit disappointing that it’s paperback and not hardback. The whole book is about collaborations between libraries and faculties, so each chapter is co-written by a librarian and an academic.

It was a really interesting experience for me to write something that long with another person. We both have very different styles of writing and of working, and yet what we’ve come out with (I think) has the best of both. It flows nicely and brings in both our points of view.

It was a challenge to do as we had set headings to cover within the chapter that we couldn’t change or re-order. So we had to tell the story of what we’d done within the framework that was given to us. They weren’t the headings that we would have chosen and so we had to decide fairly early on how we would split what we wanted to say between the different sections – in fact as we went on we moved some things around so that it was in a more logical order and didn’t repeat things too much.

The book isn’t yet published in the UK, but is due to come out soon, so I have copies on order to give round my family as they have no choice but to read it! Anyway, I’m really glad to have done it and I’ve only found one mistake so far!

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